Text and vine

Photoshop – 2019:
This was made as an exercise in bending an image and make interact with the background image(s). I originally had the idea of using two branches of leafs but I never got it to work properly, I probably did something stupid. I used the provided branch and bent it to cover a decent amount of the page. The text is from the poem “The Deserted Garden” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning which I thought appropriate.  Rather than just use a coloured background I put some kind of “old paper” image on a seperate layer, to make it more like a page from a book. Then the leave and branch inter-twine with the letter of the poem to go above and below them – much like the tangled garden in the poem. It was a bit tricky to decide how much of the poem to include, but I found that a fairly large font, of older style, ending with something of a cliff-hanger worked pretty well.