Things …. and stuff ….

After Piper arrives in prison, Nicky tries to get Alex to tell her what she and Piper had been up to, on the outside, before getting thrown in there. To which Alex replies “Things … and stuff …”. This is, of course, from the Netflix series “Orange is the new black”. If you haven’t seen it – you have missed something. And yes, I’m slightly obsessed about it (“slightly?” I hear people saying.). I wrote a piece on it, it’s on the site, so people will know why I’m obsessed.

Life is about stuff, and things. Some of it will end up here. It will probably be pretty random, what ends up here. As life is.  Probably more stuff I obsess about. Like the current state of the world, the current state of computing and some chess. And music. Possibly other random shit. We’ll see. If you come back here from time to time you’ll probably see too.