Month: July 2020

Research proposal

The following document is my supplied research proposal to the University of Stockholm. Almost 20 years ago I had to leave my archaeology career as “there were no jobs” (there were, but company internal politics dictated there weren’t). Now, with the Corona-mess going on I’m looking to possibly complete my Ph D. There are some obvious problems related with this (finances) and questions about the source material (do we have enough) but we will see what happens with this.


There is a new (17th of July 2020) show on Netflix called “Cursed”. One of the writers is the legendary Frank Miller, so shouldn’t be too shabby.
Looking it up on IMDB however, sees it at a fairly measly rating of 5.3 as of this writing. Possibly due to a number of 1/10 reviews that goes off on “I don’t want PC propaganda” in my shows (20th of July 2020).


Lövbiff Slängde ihop denna när K sa, “gör något med lövbiff”. Tycker den här blev riktigt bra faktiskt. Prep Time30 min Cook Time30 min Total Time1 hr Course Main Course Grund 1 pkt lövbiff Svensk senap Ost (med ordentlig smak) Fyllning 1 älgkorv 6 champinjoner Salt Peppar Rosmarin (färsk) Sås 1 pkt krossad tomat Sriradia …

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