Research proposal

The following document is my supplied research proposal to the University of Stockholm. Almost 20 years ago I had to leave my archaeology career as “there were no jobs” (there were, but company internal politics dictated there weren’t). Now, with the Corona-mess going on I’m looking to possibly complete my Ph D. There are some obvious problems related with this (finances) and questions about the source material (do we have enough) but we will see what happens with this.


There is a new (17th of July 2020) show on Netflix called “Cursed”. One of the writers is the legendary Frank Miller, so shouldn’t be too shabby.
Looking it up on IMDB however, sees it at a fairly measly rating of 5.3 as of this writing. Possibly due to a number of 1/10 reviews that goes off on “I don’t want PC propaganda” in my shows (20th of July 2020).


Lövbiff Slängde ihop denna när K sa, “gör något med lövbiff”. Tycker den här blev riktigt bra faktiskt. Prep Time30 min Cook Time30 min Total Time1 hr Course Main Course Grund 1 pkt lövbiff Svensk senap Ost (med ordentlig smak) Fyllning 1 älgkorv 6 champinjoner Salt Peppar Rosmarin (färsk) Sås 1 pkt krossad tomat Sriradia …

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The paranormal

There is this group called “Real Paranormal Activity.”

To me it is to a large degree populated by people who doesn’t exercise even the smallest amount of critical thinking, and people bashing others with the aforementioned thinking mode, claiming in the process that “believing” is a requirement of the group.

No way forward

No way forward? I read an opinion piece in the daily a couple of days ago. The writer argued that the conservative party did the right thing – focusing on “Law and order”, “Immigration” and “Nuclear power”. Fair enough – but what makes them standout among the right-wing parties that already have those areas as …

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The assignment here was to take a photo and turn it into a water-colour painting. In the original photo it isn’t quite clear if the background is a sea or a field. I chose to make it a sea. With islands in the distance. The bright white-ish blot in the mountain is a very reflective …

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Summer chess

Photoshop – 2019: Summer 2019. I usually try to do a summer image for the chess club. This happened to coincide with a double exposure excercise I did on Photoshop advance course. It consists of an image of a wave and beach, a girl with a stary night background and chess pieces from the series …

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The boy on the wall

Photoshop – 2019: In this excersice we were supposed to extract to images and paste them against the brick wall taking care to adjust the light and colour levels to match the background. Rather than just pasting them against a wall which seemed a bit boring I decided to try to integrate the guy with …

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Text and vine

Photoshop – 2019: This was made as an exercise in bending an image and make interact with the background image(s). I originally had the idea of using two branches of leafs but I never got it to work properly, I probably did something stupid. I used the provided branch and bent it to cover a …

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