Pics and stuff

Summer chess

Photoshop – 2019: Summer 2019. I usually try to do a summer image for the chess club. This happened to coincide with a double exposure excercise I did on Photoshop advance course. It consists of an image of a wave and beach, a girl with a stary night background and chess pieces from the series …

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The boy on the wall

Photoshop – 2019: In this excersice we were supposed to extract to images and paste them against the brick wall taking care to adjust the light and colour levels to match the background. Rather than just pasting them against a wall which seemed a bit boring I decided to try to integrate the guy with …

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Text and vine

Photoshop – 2019: This was made as an exercise in bending an image and make interact with the background image(s). I originally had the idea of using two branches of leafs but I never got it to work properly, I probably did something stupid. I used the provided branch and bent it to cover a …

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