No way forward?

I read an opinion piece in the daily a couple of days ago. The writer argued that the conservative party did the right thing – focusing on “Law and order”, “Immigration” and “Nuclear power”. Fair enough – but what makes them standout among the right-wing parties that already have those areas as theirs?

Talking, making no sense

Unfortunately for the conservatives, one could carbon copy the programs from other parties and paste on to them. Which probably isn’t what makes them stand out in the crowd.

The Christian Democratic party, abandoning all christian values, focuses on “Law and order”, “Immigration” and “Nuclear power”, while the Sweden democratic party focuses on “Law and order”, “Immigration” and “Nuclear power” emphasizing their values. That all three parties share some of their core value and wish to do campaigns based on those will on improve the prospects of the first party to the party – the Sweden Democrats.

To further strengthen their cause, the Conservative party has proposed that immigrants or permanent residents with non-Swedish background that commits crimes which carries sentences as low a one month in prison should be evicted from the country. Naturally no similarly Draconian measures are proposed for Swedish nationals, although they propose harsher sentences and lowering the age for which you have to accept criminal responsibility from 15 year of age.

It seems, then, that what they in effect are proposing is the ability to put children in prison. However unlikely that is, it would not be prohibited in law if the conservatives get their way. Which I to all that is holy hope they will not.

Coupled with other recent ideas, as for example food stamps to socially vulnerable and regulation that prevents the socially vulnerable to do what they want with their money. As well as lighting an enormous sign, hung around their necks that say “being of lower value”.

To add insult to injury, media – for often than not – focuses on what sells. And what sells are stories of crime, lack of punishment, and how crime is more ruthless nowadays. Combine this with a daily bombardment of the latest crime commited in whatever town or village there is in the country it all combines into a narrative that affect the population into thinking that all crime is on the rise. While the opposite or a status quo is the current fact.

Consequential analysis doesn’t seem to be in demand in media or among the conservative parties.

As I’ve said elsewhere harsher punishments, social finger pointing, and stricter rules will not solve the fundamental issue. It will possibly provide a band-aid, or teddybear for the people. Or “a binky to suck on until they feel better”.

Ulf Merlander is a police officer from Gothenburg, Sweden, who is capable of consequential analysis. He doesn’t believe that the conservative agenda solves anything. His recipe to battle gang violence is to get to grips with the reasons for why people turn to crime. The suggested methods are rather than exclusively focus on harsher sentences to counter alienation, support local communities and community buildning, and put more resources into schools.

I seems however that the conservative – or if you like – right/far-right movement in the country choses easy solutions that are easy to explain and might produce effective band-aid. This doesn’t solve anything. But maybe the conservatives doesn’t want to solve the fundamental problem, as long as “law-abiding citizens” can feel safe. Unfortunately the current trend has been so successful that even the Social Democrats, a party who historically has prided itself for caring for the socially vulnerable, is following suite and instituting pointless legal measures – and worse.

And this is where a liberal agenda can make a difference. If a liberal agenda can bring back focus on the fundamental issues, lack of public resources, poverty, alienation and lack of trust in a better future, there will be a good possibility to gain support from the who believe in personal responsibility, freedom and public support for the unfortunate.  But this has to happen sooner – as a counter to conservative agenda – rather than later.